2019 DeFi in review

A Year of Achievements

In 2019 total value of DEX volume surpassed $2.3 billion, a massive growth compared to 2018 which was $302M.

IDEX led with $852.5M followed by Oasis with $497.5M and Kyber with $386.1M.

Uniswap 🦄 was hot in 2019 with $368.9M volume and reaching a new all time high daily volume of $8M. In 2019 alone the dapp grew +5739% 🔥

Assets locked skyrocketed

Collateral more than doubled with total value of $664M, a 179% increase from 2018. Eth still leading following by DAI.

Lending is the killer app. Derivatives follows.

2019 DeFi in review

Popular loans dapps originated $727M in loans in 2019.

MakerDAO 👑 remains the king with 79% market share, followed by Compound with 16%.

Derivative market saw a HUGE growth with Synthetix leading the way. Synthetix SNX token alone soared 3300% in 2019.

2019 was an exciting year for DeFi but what's next?

  • Under collateralized loans?
  • Staking?
  • Decentralized identity?
  • Better UX?
  • What else... Share on twitter

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