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Ripple Co-Founder Gives $25 Million Donation in XRP to San Francisco University

Apr 6, 2019😃Bullish

Chris Larsen, co-founder of San Francisco-based technology company Ripple, and his wife Lyna Lam have donated $25 million in XRP to a university in California, according to an official announcement on April 5.

According to SFSU, the donation is the largest single contribution made in cryptocurrency to a university in the United States.

The program was set to operate in collaboration with RippleWorks, and to pool $25 million from the firm together with $80 million in donations to invest in projects focused on education and financial inclusion.

In March of last year, Ripple donated $29 million XRP to support U.S. public schools, fulfilling funding requests from teachers via DonorsChoose charity fund.

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